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Get Demo to See it in Action


Discover how CallHero can help you even more patients over the phones. 

Your patients are already calling you.  Are you answering and booking all the calls  into appointments?

We know that your front desk team is part of the patient's journey, their healing process. 

They are first person the patient speaks to on the phone, the first person they see when they come in, and patients look to them as a source of information (e.g. coverage, services, clinicians).

New patients and the several thousand dollars they each represent are already coming to you on the phone. They’re calling you every day. They call you because they found you online, were recommended by a referral source, have pain, discomfort, aches, and other problems that you have the ability and the desire to make better. That’s why you got into this business.

Patient experience on the phone is measured primarily by phone answer rates, and new patient booking rates.

Have you ever called a business and no one picked up?

Have you ever spoken to a business and they weren’t too friendly, spoke too fast, put you on-hold, couldn’t describe a product or service, couldn’t justify the price, etc?

CallHero Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Measure and Train Your Front Desk To Convert Even More Patients Over The Phone

Get a personalized Demo to See it in Action. You will get: 

  • A personalized demo (of a real customer) on how the technology will help you book even more patients over the phone.
  • See how getting phone metrics in real time helps you set daily targets with your front desk agents so you can keep them accountable
  • Learn how smart clinic owners are calling back new patients who called you and you didn't book them the first time
  • See how you can track answer rates, new patient booking rates, and listen to calls so you improve your patient experience operaitons
  • An insiders view of Academy and how you can use our 5 min videos (and proven scripts) to train your agents into booking even more patients  

See how this clinic owner increased his monthly revenue by $15,000/mo within the first 60 days of getting this personalized demo


Get Demo to See it in Action