Is Your Front Desk

Answering The Phones?

How Many Calls Does Your Clinic Actually Answer?

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Here’s Why you MUST have your Calls Graded NOW:

We call graded over 500 physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics and the results are staggering. On average, clinics are only answering 73% of calls, wasting 27% of their marketing budget.

You already have new patients calling. If you’re not answering the phones or putting too many calls on hold, you're just wasting your hard earned money.  When each new patient call is worth at least $500, you are leaving alot of money on the table.

Do you know how many calls are answered at your clinic?

Smart clinics have answer rates of 95%.

Take Synergy Health as an example. They started with Call Grader and have now increased their revenues by over $8900 per month in the first 7 weeks!

Call Grader reveals key business insights that help you answer more calls and increase your revenues.

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Valued at $250, this service is only $20 USD to you today.

Find Out Whether Your Front Desk is Answering The Phones

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How Call Grader Works

We will secretly call your clinic over the next four weeks and provide you with a detailed one page report on your clinic’s call performance.

Your one page report will reveal:

  • The number of total calls
  • The number of calls answered
  • Your answer rate
  • Your waiting rate
  • Call log of when we called

Just one tip, don’t tell your staff we’re grading calls. That way you’ll truly know what’s going on at your clinic.

After your calls are graded, one of our phone experts will walk you through your report, so you understand exactly where you stand in today's competitive marketplace.

Call Grader measures your answer rates - so you know exactly where you’re wasting marketing dollars and how you compare to competitors.

Provides an overview of your call funnel and how it impacts your patient experience - so you can pay more attention to phone conversions and easily fill your appointment books without spending more on marketing.

Gives you real time data - so you can stop guessing and make smarter business decisions based on real data that will help your revenues grow faster.  

Valued at $250, this service is only $20 USD to you today. 


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