Get More Patients

by Fixing Your Phone Performance


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Watch this training webinar (instantly) with "The Phone Lady" & Sanjeev Bhatia  

In this webinar replay, The Phone Lady (who has helped over 400 clients training over 10,000 individuals to communicate more effectively on the telephone) and Sanjeev (an operations expert who has helped over 100+ rehab clinics make more money) will teach you how to GET MORE new patients by fixing your phone performance.  

Your phones are already ringing so if you can fix your phone performance, you can book more patients over the phone.  

This interactive webinar is in a coffee chat format to give you a more interactive and engaged webinar format.  You’ll learn the following:

  • 3 things you can do (right away) to answer more calls at your clinic
  • Why looking at your peak call times is super important to lower missed calls
  • Why you should consider opening an extra day on the next long weekend, much more!

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Duration: 38 minutes

Awesome: Of course

Speaker: The Phone Lady & Sanjeev Bhatia


About The Phone Lady


Mary Jane Copps embraced her alter ego – The Phone Lady – in 2006 and she has worked with over 400 clients training over 10,000 individuals how to communicate more effectively on the telephone. Mary Jane has been profiled as a communications expert by the Wall Street Journal, National Post, The Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, Global as well as other publications, television and radio outlets throughout North America (including a very silly skit on This Hour Has 22 Minutes!). She is also the author of: The Phone Book: Essential Telephone Communication Skills and write a weekly blog on all things … phone!


About Sanjeev Bhatia 


Sanjeev Bhatia spent 10 years being at the forefront of running and growing one of the largest network of rehab clinics in Canada.  He has worked with hundreds of therapists, front desk staff, and managers mastering how to implement change and ensure staff “buy-in”. His ultimate blueprint on running a clinic aligns patient experience and operations with revenue grow strategies: digital marketing, doctor referral marketing, family/friend referral marketing, community partnerships, employer services (health and wellness), retail, front desk phone performance, patient commitment at assessment, reducing patient self-discharge, cross referrals, patient retention, MVA, and RFPs

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Watch This Training Webinar (instantly)